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NOAHCOIN Project in Philippines

Fintech Conference in Tokyo

Finetech Conference in Tokyo’ was held at ‘Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’ just yesterday.

This event was about sharing information regarding ‘Finetech’ so the world paid attention and five lecturers spoke and gave very useful information this time.

Hiroaki Kogure


After graduating from Waseda University, he joined Itochu Corporate Group Company.
He’s been active in various fields utilizing his large range of networks both in and outside Japan with his total of 17 years of overseas experiences in England, America, Eastern Europe and the Middle and Near East and he has the soul of a martial artist.
He is currently a board member of Itochu, aof New Aikido Federation, an advisor of the Japan Aikido Association, an advisor of Shinkyokushinkai, an honorary citizen of Houston city, America and an honorary officer of Harris county in Texas.
He released a book titled ‘A black belt trading company worker goes through the world – exploring the Gap internationally between the East and the West through the eyes of a martial arts fighter’.


Challenge for the future

Lecture content and review

In addition to his overwhelming work history as an experienced overseas director of a large company, he has a wide range of connections in the mass media and politics and used to be a private advisor for six prime ministers in the past, so it was a great lecture given how wide his perspective is.
He seems to have experience as a conference speaker with a lot of people coming and listening to him, so his talk was very unique and interesting and he even performed his proud mimicry of prime minister Abe during the session.
The main speech was not only specific to Fintech, it sounded as though he talked about challenging new senses of values and taking responsibility for the result.

Also, things such as how disadvantages to the country of Japan are caused by ‘a lack of PR both inside and outside Japan’ and ‘mass media attacking the government party’ and wealthy occupation changes being dependent on the generation, this all made a great impression on my mind.
As Kogure himself understands martial arts really well, he strongly supports ‘K.Hisata’ who also has the same sporting soul and so he’s been active as an advisor of the company Hisata works for currently.

Haseeb Awan


He is the founder and CEO of the company ‘Bitaccess’ which has built and spread the cryptocurrency infrastructure in more than 6,000 places in the world.
Bitaccess was selected as an excellent company by Y combinator in Silicon Valley in 2014 and was awarded with a lot of International awards.
Haseeve himself is also described as ‘the most impressive immigrant entrepreneur in Ottawa’ and has been active as ‘one out the 100 most important people in the worldwide group Fintech’.
Also, he has a bachelor of computer science as an engineer at University of Ottawa and also Air University.


Fintech and the future of cryptocurrency

Lecture content and review

This time Haseeb talked about the revolution that Fintech brings and the world in the future.
What especially left an impression on me was how the world’s most wealthy people are on the Internet and the fact that the currency used there is ‘Bitcoin’.
Also, those entrepreneurs are recently often engineers and not people with an MBA.

Global population: About 7.3 billion people
Bank account holders: About 1 – 1.5 billion people (one out of seven people has one)
Smartphone holders: About 3.5 billion people
Facebook users: About 2 billion people

From the data above, he paid a lot of attention on how those people who haven’t got bank accounts will possibly use cryptocurrency for smartphone payments.

Vignesh Sundaresan


He is an engineer who belongs to the cryptocurrency ‘Ethereum’ development team which is second only to Bitcoin.
He acquired computer science technology regarded blockchain and is one of the leading engineers in the world.
He has a record that includes bringing the company, ‘Bitaccess’ to success as a founding member together with Haseeb and is currently researching smartchain contracts.
He is from India and lives in Ottawa, Canada.


The truth about blockchain

Lecture content and review

He talked about how ‘Blockchain’ technology used in Bitcoin is a tool that changes lives radically just like the Internet did.
≫ What is blockchain technology?

He said that it is great how safety and privacy will be kept separate without having administrators.
Also, he gave a fiery speech about the potential of ethereum.

Tadashi Izumi


Born in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan in 1972.
He was judged during high school times as having a low ability at studying but took only six months to become the top in the nationwide mock exam, he went to the University of Cambridge and was a visiting researcher at the ‘British Studies’ laboratory at the University of Waseda and held lecturer positions at Yokohama City University, Aoyama Gakuin University and Nihon University.
He founded the Izumi Tadashi Office and holds a top level record in Internet business in Japan.


Vision of recommended cryptocurrency

Lecture content and review

He explained three recommended visions on why he recommends NOAHCOIN.
≫ What are the three visions of NOAHCOIN?

Also, he has announced that the sales amount of NOAHCOIN is already in the top 5 for cryptocurrency aggregate market pricing ranking (it’s not officially a cryptocurrency yet.) and some related people from Filipino companies involved with the Noah Project will come to Japan in June.



The founder of ‘Business Channel’.
He started this company from nothing when he was 28 years old and accumulated 260 million yen in liabilities and loss because of dishonesty from clients when he was 30.
He had to face every single day from the this low point and founded five group companies after only five years since falling. His group company is now a success and makes four billion yen a year.
Currently, he is promoting a comprehensive infrastructure project at Finetech utilizing his experiences both inside and outside Japan as he is active in consulting and producing companies with his group company.


Currency exchange in Japan / Building a payment system

Lecture content and review

It was mainly explaining about the ATM machine for cryptocurrency ‘FINANCIAL GATE’ and cryptocurrency Wallet service (smartphone app) which will be released in July 2017.
There are three cryptocurrency ATMs in Roppongi, Tokyo at the moment and cryptocurrency wallets are multi currency (a wallet where we can save multiple currency coins).

Global population: About 7.3 billion people
Bank account holders: About 1 – 1.5 billion people (one out of seven people has one)
Smartphone holders: About 3.5 billion people
Facebook users: About 2 billion people
HSBC account holder (the highest number of clients in the world): 10 million people

Just like Haseeb, he put his attention on the potential for cryptocurrency to be used for smartphone payments by people who haven’t got bank accounts and also how small banks will be gone in the future.
I felt that he was quite trustworthy from the conversation we had at the social gathering after the conference and how Kogure from Itochu pushes him.

(Photo: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo)

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