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NOAHCOIN Project in Philippines

What are the three visions of NOAHCOIN?

Fintech Conference’ was held at a luxury hotel in Tokyo the other day.
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At the event, there were five performers who talked about the latest information regarding ‘Fintech’ and one of the speakers, Tadashi Izumi made a speech about ‘the vision for recommended cryptocurrencies’ announcing three visions that triggered the recommend NOAHCOIN.

It must be some sort of reference to get to know information about cryptocurrency / blockchain that has recently been drawing worldwide attention.

1. Use as remittance

The use as remittance’ that triggered cryptocurrencies exists as one of the visions of NOAHCOIN.

As part of a national policy, a few family members per family work overseas (OFW/Overseas Filipino Workers).

There is over 28 billion USD of foreign currency that is sent to the Philippines through International remittance, the current situation for money transfer fees is that it costs more than 3.2 billion USD every year.

Basically, the cryptocurrency ‘NOAH COIN’ will try to collect transfer fees usually taken by other countries and keep them within the country.

2. Development of Noah City

There is a possibility of a new innovation that is a fusion of cryptocurrency and real estate in the Philippines, with its improved economic power in the real estate industry as an ‘investment optimized country’.

I heard that ‘NOAH FOUNDATION’ and ‘Revolution Precrafted’ officially signed a contract for collaborative development.
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Furthermore, it will supposedly be a research institution called ‘NOAH COIN LABO/tentative name’ in Noah City area.


3. Solve the world’s regional dispartities

The mission of ‘solving the world’s regional disparities’ will be the final vision for the project, so Izumi believes that the ‘Noah Project’ will be developed in Asia and on a global level and not only in the Philippines.

As the people in the Philippines are so poor they can’t even have a bank account or take out bank loans, so they have a lot of ideas and efforts, but can’t realize them at a business level. (they have to give up because of the situation.)

So, when they are able to utilize cryptocurrency, they will be able to make payments easily on smartphones even though they won’t have bank accounts and they may be able to register for free as a company which used to be expensive through a blockchain system and they may be able to suggest some sort of ways to get bank loans.


(Photo: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo)

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