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NOAHCOIN Project in Philippines

A representative from the Noah City Project is going to visit on June 10, 2017?

The Fintech Conference’ was held at a first class hotel in Tokyo just yesterday.

The purpose of this event was for five performers to give speeches on the latest information related to ‘Finetech’ for people all around the world and there really was with a lot of useful information.
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Among those performers, the fourth performer, Tadashi Izumi explained three reasons why they promote Noah Coin so much and how the amount of NOAHCOIN sales has already been in the top five in market capitalization of cryptocurrency. (it’s not a cryptocurrency yet.)
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Also, on Saturday the 10th of June, they announced that some people related to the companies who are involved in Noah Project are going to visit in Japan.

The name of the companies who will be visiting Japan have been announced at the ‘Top Leaders Community Party’ and I think they are large companies beyond the major real estate company, ‘Century Properties’.
≫ Click here for more information about the approval announcement from the CEO of Century corporation

It is probably thought that it must be about the development of Noah City.


* Social gathering meeting after the conference

Once the date details are announced, I’ll let you guys know about it through LINE, email and my blog.


≫ Click here for more information about the current situation regarding Noah City property which will develop

【Updated June 2, 2017】
I’m pretty sure that there must be quite a few people who already know this, but special guest speakers who agree with the Noah Project by Noah Foundation are going to attend the ‘NOAHCOIN Special Seminar’ that will be held on the 10th of June.
It seems that they are still in the planning stage regarding who the guest speakers visiting will be, it may be a great event as we can get the latest information about NOAHCOIN and other related information.
Also, it was said that those guest speakers who are anticipated to come this time will probably get involved with Noah City development as of mid April, but I guess that they are always busy so may not be able to fit it into their schedules, so the guests coming may possibly be other special ones.
【Updated June 3, 2017】
It sounds as though the luxury guest speakers who will be coming to ‘NOAHCOIN Special Seminar’ on June 10, 2017 have been decided.
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(Photo: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo)

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